These values encapsulate who we are, what we believe and how we live as the family of God:

Word of God

The Bible is His inspired word that instructs and guides us and with which we measure our lives.

Presence of God

Part of a Christian’s heritage is our relationship with the Holy Spirit. We were made to experience His presence. Our church is structured in such a way so that there is opportunity for people to know that God is moving in their lives.


This is the action of our relationship with God. We believe in living a life where faith is part of our foundations.


All believers should be growing to maturity. We believe in training, equipping and developing all who call our church their home.


Church is a large family of people brought together by faith in Christ. The Church family is where everyone is accepted and empowered to grow and mature in Christ.


We are a people who give freely. It is our desire to bless those who God gives us opportunity to be generous to.


The message we have must be communicated in an understandable way. We value our culture in which our message is contemporary, practical and relevant to everyday life.


God promises to answer prayer. We believe in praying fervently and with faith to see God move among us and His will be done through us.


We come alongside every person we can to travel the journey of discipleship, where people discover God, grow in their relationship with God, develop a fruitful life and find a sense of belonging in the house of God, living with God-given purpose.


Man was created to worship God in song and in action; in celebration of every good thing that God has done and for who He is.


The world around us is our field, with great potential and opportunity to touch the lives of others with the love and power of God.

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